Are you a real Chatnoir fan?

Your favorite character is Chatnoir from Miraculous Ladybug? Then you've come to the right place. Test your knowledge about Chatnoir and show that you are a true fan. But pshhtt we won't tell Ladybug his identity, right?

  • 1
    Chatnoir's kwami is called "black"
  • 2
    Chatnoir is in love with Marinette
  • 3
    Chat Noirs Kwami can not control the cataclism
  • 4
    Chatnoir wants to show Ladybug his identity, but he is not allowed to.
  • 5
    Is Chat in love with Ladybug?
  • 6
    Chatnoir ever purred in an episode?
  • 7
    Chatnoir doesn’t appear to have as many issues juggling his normal life with his superhero work as Ladybug does
  • 8
    Chatnoir calls Ladybug Bugaboo
  • 9
    Plagg means Plague
  • 10
    Chatnoir is more himself than when he is not transformed

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