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  • 1
    And the wrists of my mind have the bleeding lines, that reminds me of all the times
  • 2
    I don't understand why everything I adore takes a different form when I squint my eyes
  • 3
    It's 4 crack the door to the hallways in my dreams
  • 4
    You're and angel fallen down won't you tell us of the clouds
  • 5
    Sahlo Folina
  • 6
    So heres a prime example of a stand up guy who hates what he believes and loves it at the same time
  • 7
    Iam tired of taking my own life
  • 8
    There's miles of land in front of us
  • 9
    Well I'm sorry Mr. Gullible but lying is all I've learned
  • 10
    Shaking hands with the dark parts if my thoughts
  • 11
    Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit
  • 12
    Domingo en fuego
  • 13
    Iam a vulture who feeds on pain
  • 14
    Living like a ghost you walk by everyone you know
  • 15
    I hope you're death cause how could you sleep at a time like this
  • 16
    Behind my eyelids are islands of violence
  • 17
    Because a chair now is like a tiny island in the sea of all the people
  • 18
    Sometimes I feel cold even paralyzed
  • 19
    I try so hard to fly but my heart won't go very far
  • 20
    I find over the course of our human existence one thing consists of consistent
  • 21
    You say things with your mouth cobwebs and flies come out
  • 22
    I will be saved for one hole day until the sun makes the hills its grave
  • 23
    Entertain my faith
  • 24
    Then I feel my soul start leaving like an old man's hear reciding
  • 25
    Can you built my house with peaces
  • 26
    And I die as I wait as I wait on my crime
  • 27
    They know that it's almost over
  • 28
    Interested in putting my fingers to my head
  • 29
    You are one of those classic ones
  • 30
    I mourn for a kid but won't cry for a king
  • 31
    Head tilted down knees on the ground
  • 32
  • 33
    Empty sky no way that's me cause one half of my heart is free, empty sky no way that's me cause the other halve of my heart's asleep
  • 34
    We'll find a way to pay for it, maybe from all the money we made razorblade stores
  • 35
    Josh Dun

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