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Hier kannst du dein wissen über den KING OF POP testen.

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    Michael Jackson wurde am 27. August 1958 geboren?
    Michael Jackson wurde am 27. August 1958 geboren?

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vor 510 Tagen flag
Hi there is thrischa again you wondering wey i said trischa but just listen i said thrisa because my name is patrischa so my nickname is thrissa i wanna to say that you dont wondering about so thanks for you attention because i know i am the best the greates and the wonderfulst thing on the planet soooooo i am to cool for you geis soooooo you have to like me because i am great thanks i am beautifl and you are not
vor 510 Tagen flag
Hi may name is Patrischa and i am from South Burgenland. But ei wanna to live in Neverland were my idole was born. Sorry that my english is to perfecht for you because i know i am so great in writing that nowbady kan write better than me.
I wann to say i am 13 so i think i can write very good what do you thing.
so my kwestschon is how many of this geht you right so i got 20 from 15 because i am the best i know thanks.
my friends think i am strange and nobody likes me sooo yes i hope you hate or like me beacuase yass i am great.
i love The jackson 5 and i love michael and jeremy and all of them.
do you konw that my momys name is eysa and my dads name ist michael.
because may dad is from austria so you say michael not meikal.
and my mommy is from jamaika and that is her name yes.
so my name is patrischa because my parents like the name.
by the way my sisters name is pauline that was the idea of my dad.
my parents like the names with p so we are the Ps.
lets go to the michael jackson themma.I hope you oll love michael like me i love him and i am a big fan of him. i have a bed suit were is michael in the this is it thing
have you seenthe moonwalker i did oh yes it was sooo great
i have a michael jackson book
a t shirt
a shorts
a cap
a phone cover
a self mixed parfum and and and
so my biggest dream is that michael lives and then we sing a song togheter because you have to know i am a very good singer
soo i love to be in my room and listen to michaels songs wenn i am sad i am happy wen i think of him
wen i am happy than i think of his death and than i am sad again
wen i see a picture of him than i begin to smile and my stomaik hurts .
i think paris prince and blanket should be the THE JACKSON THRIO and then there is more better feeling
you know michael is for me a very speacal person because he do things with me that knowbody kan do
wenn i see him i am so happy that i start crying i wann sing his song every second in my live
in school we sing his songs every day because i wannt it and my school is very BAD and mad about me cause of that.
I think this is a great name for the best school of the live would you go in this school i would.
don´t forgett i love all fans of michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xoxo Patrischa