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  • 1
    You love to drink, yeah, so do we, yeah
    Get more bottles, yeah, bring them to me, yeah
    Hold you glasses up, people everywhere
    Now everybody put your hands in the air

    Say ...
  • 2
    No more tryna make it work
    You made me wanna say bye bye
    Say bye bye, say bye bye to her
    You made me wanna say bye bye
    Say bye bye, say bye bye to her
  • 3
    Cause my ***** still drippin, 44´s still tip
    In the cut with my hittas, no they do not miss
    I´m a champagne pourin´nigga, I love big asses and tits
    (Show me them tities)
    And if you´re here just to witness, I just promise this
  • 4
    She only loves me when the lights are off, lights are off
    She only loves me when the sun is down, sun is down
    She only loves me when no one´s around, one´s around
    She only loves me cause i put it down
  • 5
    From the moment you was dancing in the party, pushing all on me
    Giving everything, you´re giving everything tonight
    And if you thought you could get away from me and get away from me
    Girl, just take your time (time, time), you´re coming home with me tonight
  • 6
    You see the Lambo parked in the trap, that´s me nigga
    I own it while you living on a lease nigga
    I´m known to keep my bitches on a leash nigga
    I smoke it by the pound, what you takling bout?
    I dick you bitch down then I walk it out
  • 7
    He complain about spending
    I hand you the card, tell you spend it
    Master P, no limit
    I let you do you girl
    He don't put no gas in your car, nah
    We hit the lot and buy cars girl
  • 8
    Oh I need a jump start, when you call me I'm runnin' to ya
    Gimme a headstart, (Thank God) gonna have me like hallelujah
    Even though I'm a man girl, you making me feel like a baby
    Ooh girl will you lay in your arms, I'll take advantage of the moment
    Girl the way you make me smile is the definition of a real lady
  • 9
    He's so replaceable
    You're worth the chase, you put it on
    It's alright,
    I'm not dangerous
    When you're mine,
    I'll be generous
  • 10
    I wasn't born last night
    I know these hoes ain’t right
    But you was blowning up her phone last night
    But she ain’t have her ringer nor her ring on last night, oh
    Nigga, that’s that nerve
    Why give a bitch your heart
    When she rather have a purse?

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