Interpreten (Sänger/in) raten!

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In diesem Quiz kannst du testen, wie gut du dich mit den populären Sänger/innen auskennst.

  • 1
    Baby, please have mercy on me
    Take it easy on my heart
    Even though you don't mean to hurt me
    You keep tearing me apart... wie heißt der Sänger?
  • 2
    You makes me feel like a dangerous woman
    you makes me wanna Do things that I shouldn't... Wer ist die Sängerin?
  • 3
    Turn it up, it's your favorite song
    dance, dance, dance to the distortion
    Come on, turn it on, keep it on repeat
    stumbling around like a wasted zombie
    yeah, we think we're free
    Drink this one is on me
    we're all chained to the rhythm
    To the rhythm
    to the rhythm... Welche Sängerin singt das?
  • 4
    I'm in love with the shape of you
    We push and pull like a magnet do
    Although my heart is falling too I'm in love with your body
    And last night you were in my room
    And now my bedsheets smell like you
    Every day discovering something brand new
    I'm in love with the shape of you... Welcher Sänger singt das?
  • 5
    I hate you i love you
    I hate that I love you
    don't want to but I can't put
    nobody else above you... Wer singt das?
  • 6
    So baby, come light me up
    And maybe I'll let you on it
    A little bit dangerous
    but baby that's how I want it
    A little less conversation and a little more touch my body
    'Cause I'm so into you
    Into you
    Into you... Welche Sängerin singt das?
  • 7
    Can't stop the feeling
    so just dance, dance, dance
    I can't stop the feeling
    so just dance, dance, dance... Welcher Sänger singt das?

  • 8
    I'm only human after all
    I'm only human after all
    Don't put your blame on me
    Don't put the blame on me... Welcher Sänger singt das?
  • 9
    So love me like you do
    Lo, Love me like you do
    Love me like you do
    Lo, Lo, Love me like you do
    Touch me like you do
    To, to, touch me like you do
    What are you waiting for... Welche Sängerin singt das?
  • 10
    I need a gangster
    To love me better
    Than all the others do
    To always forgive me
    Ride or die with me
    That's just what gangsters do... Welche Sängerin singt das?

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vor 271 Tagen
Yay alle richtig
Lg. PumafellSBA
vor 515 Tagen
Das nehme ich als Kompliment also: Danke! ; D
vor 519 Tagen
Ist mal was anderes😉