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Topp Dogg Xero FF (kpop)

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Based on Topp Dogg - Keep Smileing

    I're really upset because of your boyfriend
    But you best friend is always here for you
    You both were sitting in you room
    And He's talking toyou:

    Till when are you gonna cry like a fool?
    He may seem like he's your everything but no
    He doesn't really know who you are
    There's nothing to be sad about,
    he's gonna regret it soon
    Why did you date someone like him?
    He never treated you well
    Snap out of it
    I was always next to you

    -Your Best friend is trying to make you happy again-

    He: Stop filming this poor movie, it's already game over
    for you. I'll call you, come out to play with me for a bit
    Don't be sad, don't cry
    This is just an NG in the movie called your life

    -He really wants to see your smile again-

    He: Yeah, don't say anything
    Let's eat first, stop crying
    The man who you love
    isn't by your side anymore
    Stop feeling down and
    erase him from your memories, say good bye

    You'll be alright now, I'm by your side
    You can lean on me, I'll hold you tight
    Stop trying to remember him as if nothing happened
    Smile as if you're fine, yeah

    -You can be thankfull to have a friend like he is-

    He: Erase his number
    Fix your makeup
    Meet your friends
    Talk about your built-up feelings
    You used to tell me
    Don't think bad thoughts
    (I was always next to you)

    -Now your Crying because of him
    He's so cute to you-

    He: Ay stop crying girl, how many times
    do I have to tell you, he's not right for you
    A diamond like you can never become pencil lead
    Just like rihanna
    You gonna shine bright like a diamond

    Seeing you hold in
    your anger and crying
    It makes you more tired but it smears your cosmetics
    You don't care about me being worried about you
    Please don't make a stupid decision

    You: Thank you, Xero

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