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Wie gut kennst du Birdys Songtexte?

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Die Songtexte habe ich nur von Liedern auf ihrem zweiten Album "Fire within" ausgewählt.

  • 1
    Sunlight comes creeping in
    Illuminates our skin
    We watched the day go by
    Stories of what we did
    It made me think of you
    It made me think of you
  • 2
    But I never hurt you
    It's not my fault
    You see those egg shells, they're broken up
    A million pieces, strung out across the ground
  • 3
    We start running, running
    We escape this town
    We don't know where we're going 'til we turn up
    Now keep on running, running
    I can't slow down
    And if I'm lost my shadows fall
  • 4
    You have my heart but I lock it up
    This burning flame has been burnt enough
    My window's cracked they can be replaced
    But your arm will tire throwing stones my way
  • 5
    Oh little ghost, you see the pain
    But together we can make something beautiful,
    So take my hand and perfectly,
    We fill the gaps, you and me make three,
    I was meant for you, and you for me.
  • 6
    We'll meet on the high street
    We'll laugh about when we
    Worried about what we might be
    Then maybe
    We'll talk about old days
    We'll smile in our old ways
    You'll always be part of me
  • 7
    Round we go in circles
    Does it have to be this hard?
    We can stop the fighting
    If you let down your guard
    There's still a way to make it right
    We'll find the strength this time
  • 8
    To belong is the feeling I want
    Is it wrong to miss the time that we had?
    Now it's gone
  • 9
    I can be strong
    When I want to be
    You think I'm weak
    'Cause you can tear me apart
    With the words that you speak
  • 10
    Send listening and laughing
    to dramas that meant nothing

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