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Bei diesem Test geht es um die Songtexte aus dem gleichnamigen Album

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    Von welchem Song stammt folgende Textzeile:

    "Feel how the planet
    become one
    beats like a drum
    to the same rhythm
    Hear the whistle
    kick the ball
    the entire world
    soars like an eagle
  • 2
    "Boy meets a girl
    who hid behind a wall
    piling up the bricks
    hoping they would fall"
  • 3
    "Why do you say things
    if you do not mean them
    Why do you fill up
    my wounds with your dirt
    Bullets are flying
    this time I can't shield them
    Santa Maria
    I know how it hurts"
  • 4
    "En la arena escribi
    lo que te llego amar
    y aun no lo borra
    ni la sal del mar"
  • 5
    "I'm just gonna raise my head
    I walk up to the final edge
    and I'm gonna fall
    (and the stars make love to the universe)
    I'm just gonna raise my head
    and hold you close"
  • 6
    "Podria mentir
    matar o morir
    incluso algo mucho peor
    Forzar el destino
    perder el camino
    contal de no perder tu amor"
  • 7
    "And there were nights
    that I stayed up crying
    'cause I was certain
    that things wouldn't change
    but then you cam
    and I saw you smiling
    just like an angel
    so beautiful strange"
  • 8
    "I go back again
    fall off the train
    land in his bed
    repeat yesterday's mistake"
  • 9
    "Every morning when I woke up
    I was choked up
    I was living a purpose
    always jumping over hurdles
    doing circles in the dark
    with a broken compass"
  • 10
    "Before you came along
    it was all beautiful
    I have nothing left
    in my heart, in my soul
    Should have never helped
    you become so powerful
    but I saw a champion in your eyes"
  • 11
    "There can't be
    any doubts now
    we are too far ahead
    to look behind
    and above the good and bad"
  • 12
    "You know
    you're an expert
    at complicating things
    that's how I'm wired
    Believe me
    it's no fun"
  • 13
    "Of all the millions
    on the planet
    you're the one
    who's keeping me on it
    You know I like you
    like nobody's business
    your blue Spanish eyes
    are my witness"
  • 14
    Von welchem Song ist "Nunca me acuerdo de olvidarte" die spanische Übersetzung"

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