Songtexte von Ed Sheeran: wie gut kennst du dich aus?

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Ed Sheeran der Traum aller Fangirls aber wie gut kennst du dich mit seinen Liedtexten aus? Teste es hier

  • 1
    `cause honey your soul could never grow old, it`s evergreen,
    and baby your smile forever in my mind in memory,
    i`m thinking `bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways

    welches Lied?
  • 2
    But a house gets cold when you cut the heating,
    Without you to hold i`ll be freezing,
    can`t rely on my heart to beat in

    welcher Song?
  • 3
    We are surrounded by all of these lies,
    And people who talk to much,
    You got the kind of look in your eyes

    Welches Lied?
  • 4
    I`m gonna paint you by numbers and colour you in
    If things go right we can frame in and put you on a wall
    And it`s so hard to say it but i`ve been here before

    Welches Lied?
  • 5
    Just watching a dvd, smoking illegal weed,
    Getting high as two kits when we needed to breath,
    We`d use each other`s air just or the people to see:
  • 6
    Now my eyes are river fillers,
    This drink is a liver killer,
    My chest is a pillow for your weary head to lay to rest again:
  • 7
    All my senses come to life
    While i`m stumbling home as drunk as I
    Have ever been and i`ll never leave again:
  • 8
    O you can fit me
    Inside the necklace you got when you where 16
    Next to your heartbeat:
  • 9
    This love is a blaze
    I saw flames from the side of the stage
    And the fire brigade comes in a couple of days:
  • 10
    And if we should die tonight
    Then we should all die together
    Rise a glass of wine for the last time

    Ich hoffe es hat euch gefallen!

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