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Klicke den Song an, aus dem die vorgegebene Liedzeile stammt!

  • 1
    "My neighbours think I'm crazy, they don't understand"
  • 2
    "While we're waiting, we started conversation"
  • 3
    "When you smile, the hole world stops and stands for a while"
  • 4
    "I'll be the light to guide you"
  • 5
    "Has fallen apart right in front of you"
  • 6
    "In this farewell, there's no blood, there's no alibi"
  • 7
    "With the cataclysm raining down"
  • 8
    "We said goodbye in the pouring rain"
  • 9
    "Take me to the magic of the moment"
  • 10
    "And pray to God, he hears you"
  • 11
    "Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend"
  • 12
    "I'll gonna come back to walk these streets again"
  • 13
    "Happy birthday, happy birthday"

    (Nein, der Song, den ich meine, heißt NICHT Happy Birthday xD)
  • 14
    "Turn me up when you feel low"
  • 15
    "And we're standing side by side"
  • 16
    "In the other night, I thought I heard you cry"
  • 17
    "We are running with blood at our knees"
  • 18
    "Here's my number"
  • 19
    "When she was just a girl, she expected the world"
  • 20
    "This ship will carry our bodys safe to shore"
  • 21
    "We can burn brighter than the sun"
  • 22
    "Yesterday you told me about the blue, blue sky"
  • 23
    "I will be rising from the ground"
  • 24
    "We can blow shots of patrons"
  • 25
    "Once more you open the door"
  • 26
    "Life is only a game"
  • 27
    "We were both young when I first saw you"
  • 28
    Und nun eine kleine Scherzfrage. Woher stammt die Liedzeile "I feel connected"?

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