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Habt ihr die Lieder von Epica genug oft gehört um dieses Quiz zu schaffen?

  • 1
    Von welchem Song stammt dieser Textteil?

    'Thirteen Moons
    The way to speak
    Thirteen Moons
    Is what we seek'
  • 2
    'Lay down in my arms
    Try not to breathe
    Quiet love you are now with me
    You need no words to speak'....?
  • 3
    'Can't move an inch
    But for the act to
    Leave fingerprints
    Freedom farewell'....?
  • 4
    'Dying slowly day by day
    And every colour fades to gray
    I walk the walls of hell's abyss
    With every trail, I will persist'
  • 5
    We need to be innocent to live the life we've lived for so long
    We need to be insensitive to live the life and so ignore it all....?
  • 6
    'You did not notice the ancient shifting sand
    That pulls you down into an everlasting sham'....?
  • 7
    'One more life to live is what I want'....?
  • 8
    'Hear me!
    Now hide your face while you carry on 'till the grief comes
    Save your soul from the downfall'....?
  • 9
    'I will say
    I will say what I think
    I will do
    I will do what I say
    When liberty seems out of reach
    We'll fight for our freedom of speech'....?
  • 10
    'We are stuck and can't get out again
    There's more than we deny
    And there's more than meets the eye'

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