Wie gut kennst du Fallen?

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Hier kannst du testen, ab du Evanescences Debütalbum in- und auswendig kennst!

  • 1
    Welches Lied ist das?

    "I know you hear me
    I can taste it in your tears"
  • 2
    "I have to be with you
    to live
    to breathe"?
  • 3
    "Can't find yourself
    lost in your lie"?
  • 4
    "And if you have to leave
    I wish that you would just leave"?
  • 5
    "My wounds cry for the grave
    my soul cries for deliverance"?
  • 6
    "Servatis a periculum
    Servatis a maleficum"?
  • 7
    "Blurring and stirring the truth and lies
    so I don't know what's real and what's not"?
  • 8
    "Has no one told you she's not breathing?"?
  • 9
    "With this rampant chaos - your reality"?
  • 10
    "I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems
    got to open my eyes to everything"?
  • 11
    "When all this time I've been so hollow inside
    I know you're still there"?

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