Wie gut kennst du The Open Door?

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Hier könnt ihr testen, ob ihr gut zugehört habt!

  • 1
    Welches Lied ist das?

    "Lock the last open door
    my ghosts are gaining on me"
  • 2
    "Do you wonder why you hate?
    Are you still too weak to survive your mistakes?"
  • 3
    Blinding wall between us"
  • 4
    "Not this time
    I won't lie to keep you near me"
  • 5
    "Just didn't drink enough to say you love me
    I can't hold on to me
    Wonder what's wrong with me"
  • 6
    "Beg my broken heart to beat
    Save my life
    Change my mind"
  • 7
    "Must be exhausting to lose your own game"
  • 8
    "If we play very quiet, my lamb
    Mary never has to know"
  • 9
    "Don't look down
    You'll fall down
    You'll become their sacrifice"
  • 10
    "Don't cling to me
    I swear I can fix you"
  • 11
    "I'm still waiting for the rain to fall
    Pour real life down on me"
  • 12
    "Me and all I stood for
    We're wandering now"
  • 13
    "And you just stand there and stare
    as my world divides"

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