Theory of a Deadman Lyrics Quiz

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Noch ist Theory of a Deadman eine unbekannte Band. Wie sieht es mit dir aus? Kennst du ihre Songs?

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    Aus welchem Lied stammt: "She likes to shake her ass, she grinds it to the beat, she likes to pull my hair, when I make her grind her teeth."?
  • 2
    Und: "Put the bottle down, finally got something to say. Take another look around and find someone else to play"?
  • 3
    "You dropped your nickel down a wishing well and pray for luck to cast his spell"
  • 4
    "You lie about you and you lie about me. You lie about your ex's and the STDs. You grew up rich in the Florida Keys."
  • 5
    "Woke up screaming in bed, the silence taunts me. It's like I'm there again."
  • 6
    "Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Those words that you said to me were those that I'm listening. I wish I hadn't met you at all"
  • 7
    "So sick of the hobo's, allways beggin' for change. I don't like how i gotta work and they just sit around and get paid."
  • 8
    "I've packed my bag's, I'm moving on. 'Cause I've been waiting far too long. 'Cause living with you is like a hole in the head."
  • 9
    "Have you seen me lately? Stayin' hard to find. Well, I know it ain't easy. But you know I don't mind."
  • 10
    "If heaven is a place where the angels go, well than i got a story to tell. If heaven is a place where the angels go, than I guess you're going straight to hell."

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