In This Moment - ein Songquiz

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Wie gut kennst du die Songs der Band "In this Moment"?

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    Wie heißt die erste Single von In this Moment?
  • 2
    Sing weiter: This beautiful tragedy, is crashing into me...
  • 3
    Wie heißt die Singleauskopplung aus dem 2. Album?
  • 4
    Wie heißt die aktuelle Single? (erste Single des 3. Albums?)
  • 5
    Sing weiter: Forever starts today
    Forever we will be
    Forever's every day
  • 6
    Sing weiter: And all I can see
    are these flames around me.
    And all I can think
  • 7
    Sing noch weiter: Even if the world ignites into flames ...
  • 8
    Sing diesen Song weiter: Just say that you'll be with me
    Please say that you'll be there
    Just say that you'll be my side
  • 9
    Aus welchem Song ist diese Passage?
    In my dreams last night I saw your face
    You held me and washed away my tears
    Then I woke to realize you're gone
    I'm drowning in solitude again
  • 10
    Aus welchem Song ist das:
    The dust is clearing, the desert is calm.
    The skies are all quiet and I can't make a sound.
    An I just wait for you.

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