Green Day Songtexte Quiz (für echte Profis)

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Hey, an alle Green Day Fans und Experten!
Hier bei diesem Quiz nehme ich keine Rücksicht, dieses Quiz ist wirklich für echte Profis!

  • 1
    "Or earth with me tangled at your feet.
    You finally met you nemesis disguised as your fatal long lost love" stammt aus dem Song
  • 2
    Started out in 64.
    Gonna be an omnivore
    Wanna make people dance
    Gonna take off my pants...
  • 3
    Why does my life have to be so small?
    Yet death is forever...
  • 4
    And maybe if you'd smile
    You would realize that
    We're all the same
  • 5
    And ten minute nervous breakdowns
    Xanex a beer for thought
    And she determined...
  • 6
    How have I been, how have you been
    It's been so long
    What have you done with all your time
    And what went wrong
  • 7
    I guess I just can't listen
    To this one-sided conversation again
  • 8
    Many nights awake I lie
    I only wish that you could see
  • 9
    Collecting unemployment checks
    Like a flunkie along for a ride
  • 10
    As my bones they rust
    20lbs of trust

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