Avril Lavigne

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    Hey, Hey, you, you, I want to be your girlfriend.
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    When youre gone, the pieces at my heart I'm not missing you.
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    I'm standing on the bridge, I'm waiting in the dark, I thought that you be here right now.
  • 4
    He was a boy there was a girl can i make it anymore easier.
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    'Cause I'm feeling nervous, I'm triing to be perfekt.
  • 6
    All the time we work together allways for my happy ending.
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    I don't know how I feel, tomorrow, tomorrow...
  • 8
    I wake up in the morning, put up my face.
  • 9
    I want to know you and I want to show you.
  • 10
    This innocene is really ent, I want that it will be.

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