Fort Minor

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Aus welchen Songs stammen die folgenden Textstellen?

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    "Cause your voice always helps me when I feel so alone, but I feel like an idiot, workin' my day around the call, but when I pick up I don't have much to say..."
  • 2
    "So let's get right to it and groove, ain't nothin' but a thing to getcha people to move..."
  • 3
    "They holler "disciple" and "blackstone", same block they freebase yo we trapped on, where our grandmothers marched, the guns clap on..."
  • 4
    "This is the story of them against us, win or lose, forcin your feet into someone else's shoes..."
  • 5
    "When I'll be back and this world everything can change just like that, that, just like that, just like that..."
  • 6
    "That my band had a singer, they didn't need me, but my band had my back, so we did the tracks, put out the album and the talk went flat..."
  • 7
    "Deafening voices, that frequency inside my head that says..."
  • 8
    "Standing on the bridge in the dark and I'm seeing my breath, trying to make it home without freezing to death, and my grandfather's face is stuck in my mind..."
  • 9
    "Yeah, how you doin', y'all? My name's Mike, I'm fooling with the new shit, I'm doing it all night, I like what I do, I do what i like..."
  • 10
    "Let me tell you something that I realized tonight, my hip hop radio is like marlboro lights..."

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