Songtexte von der finnischen Band Negative

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    "Never needed anybody, helpless restless little soul..." Aus welchem Song stammt dieser Text?
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    Und der? "So fragile that it's hard to touch you..."
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    "...I waste my time I'm always wrong, I'm feeling weak but still I'm strong..."?
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    Jetzt mal andersherum! Welcher Text gehört zu "Lost soul"?
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    Und welcher Text gehört zu "Lost in America"?
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    Jetzt mal was sehr Einfaches: I'm hurt and so wounded, it's gonna tear my soul apart, I'm lost in my heaven, I finally found my way to escape!
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    "So many times so many times we've been drowning, I've got nothing left to lose..."
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    "Concrete jungle's calling and I'm sure I don't want to resist, it's an one way high, turn me on with the devil's kiss"
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    "I wish that I would be dead, dead like you and I, falling like a butterfly, after one lived day"
  • 10
    "Lies, accusations, I won't crawl, I'll take your pride"
  • 11
    "Take a chance now, save yourself, you better believe in, before it's too late"
  • 12
    "What if that all we felt inside is just illusion, a waste of time and every tear we cried inside is just a sign we went too far"
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    "Just turn off the lights, don't wanna see me die, I look like I'm dead, but when you look at me I'm still alive"
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    "These are those days when I am yours, pathetic little naked doll, I'd like to give my life in your hands, forget that I asked, forgive me for what I am"
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    Die letzte und schwierigste Frage: Welcher Textauszug gehört zu "Too much love will kill you" (Negative & Jann Wilde)

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