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Ihr denkt, ihr kennt alle Songs von Linkin Park?
Dann findet's doch raus!

  • 1
    Aus welchem Song stammt die Textzeile:
    "...There’s a place so dark you can’t see the end..."?
  • 2
    "...I've got no commitment
    Linkin To my own flesh and blood..."
    satammt aus dem Song...
  • 3
    Aus welchem Song ist "...Try to give you warning
    But everyone ignores me..."?
  • 4
    "Graffiti decoration under a sky of dust a constant wave of tention has more then build me up..." stammt aus?
  • 5
    "And now you've become a part of me, you'll always be right here..." stammt aus?
  • 6
    Aus welchem Lied kommt"...And I've got nothing to say
    I can't believe, I didn't
    fall right down on my face ..."?
  • 7
    "...Something has been taken from deep inside of me
    A secret I’ve kept locked away no one can never see ..." stammt aus?
  • 8
    "...A little bit of loneliness, a little bit of disregard
    Linkin Hand full of complaints, but I can't help the fact that everyone can see these scars ..."?
  • 9
    So jetzt mal was einfaches für euch:
    "...I don't know what's worth fighting for, or why I have to scream...
    I don't know why I instigate, and say what I don't mean... "
  • 10
    Letzte Frage:
    "I'm sick of the tension, sick of the hunger,
    sick of you acting like I owe you this,
    my find another place to feed your greed
    while I find a place to rest"?

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