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Kennst du wirklich alle Songs der Götter des Metal?

  • 1
    Aus welchem Song stammt diese Zeile: „Hold up your heads, remember who you are…“?
  • 2
    Und diese hier: „When it comes to the time, are we partners in crime”?
  • 3
    Aus welchem Stück kommt diese Zeile? "Spend the night in an L.A. jail, listen to the sirens wail"
  • 4
    Aus welchem Song stammt denn diese Zeile: "I'm looking down on my body below, I lie asleep in the midst of a dream"?
  • 5
    Aus welchem Maiden Song ist diese Zeile: "Give me the sense to wonder, to wonder if I'm free"?
  • 6
    So, jetzt mal was ganz Einfaches: "You'll take my life but I'll take yours too, you'll fire your musket but I'll run you through"?
  • 7
    Und woher kommt diese Songzeile: "And the heartbeat of the day, drives the mist away, and winter's not the only dream around"?
  • 8
    Und noch was Leichteres: "Will we ever know what the answer to life really is? Can you really tell me what life is?"
  • 9
    Woher kommt diese Zeile: "I just want to see your blood, I just want to stand and stare"?
  • 10
    Und diese: "Running, scrambling, flying, rolling, turning, diving, going in again"?
  • 11
    Und woher kommt diese Zeile: "Eleven saintly shrouded men, silhouettes stand against the sky"?
  • 12
    Und diese: "When I remember back to how that things just used to be, and I was stuck inside a shroud of misery"?
  • 13
    Aus welchem Maiden-Song stammt diese Songzeile: "When a person turns to wrong, is it a want to be, belong? Part of things at any cost, at what price a life is lost"?
  • 14
    Aus welchem Maiden-Klassiker stammt denn diese Zeile: "Honey it's getting close to midnight, and all the myths are still in town"?
  • 15
    Und die letzte Frage. Woher kommt diese Songzeile: "And I know of the pain that you feel the same as me, and I dream of the rain as it falls upon the leaves"?

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