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Mal sehen, wie gut dich mit den Texten von Nirvana auskennst

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    Aus dem Album Bleach: "I sense others in the room"
  • 2
    Aus dem Album Bleach: "In my eyes I'm not lazy"
  • 3
    Aus dem Album Nevermind: "Even if you have, even if you need"
  • 4
    Aus dem Album Nevermind: "Never met a wise man, if so it's a woman"
  • 5
    Aus dem Album Incesticide: "He never bleeds and he never fucks"
  • 6
    Aus dem Album Incesticide: "Somebody said that they're not much like I am"
  • 7
    Aus dem Album In Utero: "Use just once and destroy, invasion of our piracy"
  • 8
    Aus dem Album In Utero: "I take pride as the king of illiterature"
  • 9
    He'll keep you in a jar, and you'll think you're happy
  • 10
    "It's a year subscription of bad puns"

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