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Hellay! Hellay! Also, hier nun endlich mal ein Quiz, welches mit den Songtexten einiger Genesis-Lieder beschäftigt. Wie gut kennt Ihr euch aus! Earl of Mar oder doch nur Slipperman? Viel Spaß

  • 1
    Am Anfang was leichtes: "Play me Old King Cole
  • 2
    "This unexpected vision made him stand and shake with fear..."
  • 3
    Auf welchem Album kommt diese Textzeile vor: "Beware the fisherman whose casting out his line..."
  • 4
    In welchen Lied kommt "Liquid Len" vor?
  • 5
    "Passing through the padlocked swings the roundabout still turning..."
  • 6
    Mit welchen Zeilen beginnt "Burning Rope"
  • 7
    Welches Lied? "Each snake like body floats, silent sorrow in empty boats..."
  • 8
    "Another time it might have been so different"
  • 9
    Von welchem Album stammen die Zeilen: "Nothing can my peace destroy as long as no-one smiles"
  • 10
    "There I was with my back to the wall..."
  • 11
    Wie beginnt die 2. Strophe von "Mad Man Moon"
  • 12
    "I wonder if I'm a prisoner locked in some Brooklyn jail or some sort of Jonah shut up inside the whale..."
  • 13
    Welches Lied hat folgenden Refrain: "Nerve a word could be heard, not even the sound of a bird..."
  • 14
    Aus welchem Album stammt folgende Zeile: "Came the night a mist dissolved the trees..."
  • 15
    "On your left and on your right, crosses are green and crosses are blue..."
  • 16
    Welches Lied beginnt wie folgt: "The curtains are drawn now the fire warms the room..."
  • 17
    "Wandering in the chaos the battle has left..."
  • 18
    "Can you tell me where my country lies..."
  • 19
    Welches Lied hat folgende Bridge: "Time to go to bed now never seems to keen..."
  • 20
    Und zum Schluß: "They got no horns and they got no tail they don't even know of our existence..."

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