Lauri Ylönen und seine Songs

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    Zuerst einige Songtexte..., als richtiger Fan sollte man alle beherrschen!

    Let me make you see this case from my side.
    We ain't here for any trouble, can you break a bubble
    Bam, bam, zidili.
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    It's taking your time.
    It doesn't matter what you fell.
    It's harder than steel.
    One day we'll find a reason why.

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    I heard you're talking things about me,
    building barricades around me.
    So real friendship, wasn't real at all it seems.
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    Well it's a fact, well it's a real fact, that
    Just about every guy in this person hates
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    ...when the word is in her hands, it's everything i need
    she loves you all the same though black turns to white
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    I ain't gonna give (it) up, 'cos I love you so
    Did you have a bad day yesterday, OK
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    A moment ahead. Aim to the skies above.
    You say that you are not the same kid. The one
    Who used to be the wheeper.
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    You are my family. If you get lonely you know where
    You will find me.
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    Just one more life, I'm so sick and tired
    Of singing the blues, I should turn my life around
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    Cannot breath, cannot speak
    My head's like a bomb, still waiting
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    Enough of the hell
    Enough of the pain
    I won't let him touch you,
    I love you
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    Like a rat I run to
    The darkness
    The ray of night embraces
    My mind
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    Jetzt mal wieder was leichtes:
    Wie heißt der Bonus Track auf der Limited Edition von Hide From The Sun?
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    Welcher Spruch stammt nicht von Lauri?
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    Musik welcher Band hört Lauri privat?
  • 16
    Wie nannten sich The Rasmus ganz am Anfang?
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    Wie viele Emmas haben The Rasmus und deren Mitgliede bis heute gewonnen?
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    Wie heißt die Plattenfirma, die Lauri und Pauli gegründet haben?

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