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War ABBA Lyrics I zu einfach für euch? Dann versucht doch mal dieses Quiz.

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    So funtioniert's: Du musst herausfinden, aus welchem Lied die von mir angegebene Textzeile stammt.
    "It was like shooting a sitting duck.
    A little smalltalk, a smile, and baby
    I was stuck."
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    "Last night I was taking a walk along the river
    and I saw him together with a young girl
    and the look that he gave made me shiver
    'cause he always used to look at me that way."
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    "When you wake I know you'll cry,
    and the words I wrote to say goodbye
    they won't comfort you at all."
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    "Think of this day as a showdown.
    Goodbye my friend,
    this is the end
    for me and you."
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    "In these old familiar rooms children would play,
    now there's only emptiness, nothing to say."
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    "Deep inside both of us can feel the autumn chill.
    Birds of passage, you and me,
    we fly instinctively."
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    "After all I've had to go through I'm making no plans. But I, but I believe love gives me a second chance."
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    "Just a face among a million faces, just another woman with no name. Not a girl to remember."
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    Und jetzt umgekehrt: Welche Textzeile stammt aus dem von mir angegebenen Lied?
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