Nirvana Songtext Test

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  • 1
    And I swear that I don't have a gun
  • 2
    Naked, naked, naked
    Sitting cross-legged
  • 3
    Somebody said that they're not much like I am
    I know I can
  • 4
    she should have died when she was born
  • 5
    I would never follow you
  • 6
    Skin the sun
    Fall asleep
    Wish away
    The soul is cheap
    Lesson learned
    Wish me luck
    Soothe the burn
    Wake me up
  • 7
    Our little group
    has always been
    and always will
    until the end
  • 8
    And he burns burns burns
    the lake of fire
  • 9
    I got my diddly spayed
  • 10
    I need an easy friend
    I do... with an ear to lend
    I do... think you fit this shoe
    I do... won't you have a clue
  • 11
    Vorsicht schwer:
    In her false witness, we hope you're still with us,
    to see if they float or drown
    Our favorite patient, A display of patience,
    disease-covered Puget Sound
  • 12
    In the sun
    In the sun I feel as one
    In the sun
    In the sun
    I'm married
  • 13
    Isn't me
    Haven't seed
    Let me clip
    Your dirty wings
    Let me take a ride
    Cut yourself
    I want some help
    Please myself
  • 14
    Meat-eating orchids forgive no one just yet
    Cut myself on angel's hair and baby's breath
  • 15
    Big cheese Make me
    Mine says, what the hell?
  • 16
    : D
  • 17
    Won't you believe it
    It's just my luck

    No recess
  • 18
    Grandma take me home
  • 19
    The sun shines in the bedroom
    When we play
    The raining always starts
    When you go away
  • 20
    I'm anemic royalty
    I'm on warm milk and laxatives
    Cherry-flavored antacids

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