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Hier könnt ihr zeigen ob ihr DIE TEXTE kennt...

  • 1
    "Es fließt der Wein, es fließt das Bier, hoch die Krüge, trinken wir..."
  • 2
    "Tapio, Bearking, ruler of the forest
    Mielikki, Bluecloak, healer of the ill and sad"
  • 3
    "The nightmare shall be over now
    There's nothing more to fear
    Come join in our singing
    And dance with us now
    The nightmare shall be over now
    There's nothing more to fear
    The war it is over forevermore"
  • 4
    "Follow their light
    it's brighter than the sun
    it makes you fly"
  • 5
    "Sighs - The fury has electrified my mind
    Sighs - The hatred burns inside by the mark of vengeance I will grind"
  • 6
    "War of the ghostland take your souls
    but give us freedom once and for all
  • 7
    "Herr Mannelig herr Mannelig trolofven i mig
    För det jag bjuder sã gerna
    I kunnen väl svara endast ja eller nej
    Om i viljen eller ej"
  • 8
    "Species come and go, but the earth stands forever fast
    All river runs towards the sea, but the sea is never full"
  • 9
    Imprisoning Me
    All That I See
    Absolute Horror
    I Cannot Live
    I Cannot Die
    Trapped in Myself
    Body My Holding Cell"
  • 10
    "Fram rider trollens kung
    Med vargbroder ut på jakt
    Allt levade flyr, fä och frände
    Blodet skall dränka denna ensliga trakt"
  • 11
    "Leaves are spinning 'round
    Lost and never found
    When the King takes the Crown"
  • 12
    "The Clans are marching 'gainst the law
    bagpipers play the tunes of war
    death or glory i will find
    rebbelion on my mind"
  • 13
    "They marched him to the station house,
    he waited 'till the dawn."
  • 14
    "We all live in happiness our life is full of joy
    We say the world "tomorrow" without fear
    The feeling of togetherness is always at our side
    We love our life and we know we will stay"
  • 15
    "Now, when the demon is gone
    I can return back to reality
    I have just one chance to leave this legend"

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