Good Charlotte Lyrics

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    ..."Something isn't right"..."this isn’t the first time, that you left me waiting..."
  • 2
    " one really knows why this is happening..."
  • 3
    "...And my birthday suit when I'm home alone
    Talkin' on the phone..."
  • 4
    " keep you in my hands
    should I give up..."
  • 5
    "...I know that this will break me
    I know that this might make me cry..."
  • 6
    "...Her only son has died
    And now her daughter cries..."
  • 7
    "...Stand up to the Pain
    Wake up and fight again..."
  • 8
    "...All these dreams and all these plans,
    I built them all with these two hands..."
  • 9
    "...Holding on to everything I love Crying out Dying now Need some help..."
  • 10
    "...And tonight I will be a vessel
    with these sails set aflame..."

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