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Kennst du nur Nemo und Wish I had an Angel? Oder interessierst du dich wirklich für die beste Band der Welt? Und kennst du ihrer Songtexte?

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    Erstmal eine Frage, die man beantworten können sollte: Wer ist eigentlich das "Mastermind" bei Nightwish?
  • 2
    Und welche Textzeile hält er/sie für völlig daneben?
  • 3
    Fangen wir mit den Songtexten an: "Their erotic hour, my tearless weep, their satisfaction, my infinite sleep"?
  • 4
    "Denying the lying, a million children fighting"?
  • 5
    "In me forever and ever and ever forever ____"?
  • 6
    "Who are you? Man condemned to shine a salvation"?
  • 7
    "Close your eyes, feel the ocean where passion lies"?
  • 8
    "Ah, dear friend, I remember the night"?
  • 9
    "Your slit tongues slipped my aching wounds"?
  • 10
    "For me, for you, time devours passion's beauty"?
  • 11
    "Once there was a child's dream"?
  • 12
    "Make me guess if the earth is flat or round, set a quessing if fantasies are unbound"?

  • 13
    "Barely cold in her grave. Barley warm in my bed"?

  • 14
    "Crying for me was never worth a tear, my lonley soul is only filled with fear"?
  • 15
    "Time to lay this weary pen aside"?
  • 16
    "Home is where the way is, my road goes on forever"?
  • 17
    "Bow before a war, call it religion"?
  • 18
    "Dead to the world, alive for the journey" In welchen zwei Liedern kommt diese Zeile vor?

  • 19
    "Naked in midwinter magic lies an angel in the snow"?

  • 20
    "Ikijärvelta turvatulta"? Naa?

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