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Teste hier wie gut du die Texte von Nightwish (der besten Band der Welt) kennst - UND NICHT SCHUMMELN DU KLEINER MÖCHTE-GERN ;)

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    Also, fangen wir mal mit etwas leichtem an:
    Woher stammt diese Textzeile:
    "Beauty always comes with dark thoughts"
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    Weiter geht es mit:
    "Bury my dreams dig up my sorrows
    Oh Lord why..."
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    "Bless me, undress me..."
  • 4
    "For me,
    For you,
    time devours passion's beauty"
  • 5
    "Of the One with pure heart
    Once so long ago"
  • 6
    "Touch my milklike skin
    Feel the ocean"
  • 7
    "Cease the pain
    Life's just in vain"
  • 8
    "Oracle of the Delphian Domine
    Witness of Adam's frailty"
  • 9
    "Without you
    The poetry within me is dead"
  • 10
    "Didn't you read the tale
    Where happily ever after was to kiss a frog"
  • 11
    "All of my songs can only be composed of the greatest of pains
    Every single verse can only be born of the greatest of wishes"
  • 12
    "Cursing, God, why?
    Falling for every lie"
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  • 14
    "Their erotic hour my tearless weep
    Their satisfaction my infinite sleep"
  • 15
    "Walk through the air
    Take my hand
    Wishmaster's will
    Join him the quest for dream"
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    Verfollständige diese Textzeile:
    "The howling of a night wolf
    And the path under my bare feet
    THE __________ "?
  • 17
    "Take me
    Cure me
    Kill me
    Bring me home"
  • 18
    "Die for my sins
    Like the One once did"
  • 19
    "Red sun rising
    Curtain falling"
  • 20
    "There's a poison drop in this cup of Man
    To drink it is to follow the left hand path"
  • 21
    "Distant sigh from a lonely heart
    `I'll be with you soon, my Shalafi' "
  • 22
    "I am the one it is
    Take me with you"
  • 23
    "A place between sleep and awake
    End of innocence, unending masquerade"
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  • 25
    "Would you do it with me
    Heal the scars and change the stars"
  • 26
    "Never sigh for better world
    It's already composed, played and told"
  • 27
    "Tell me why
    No heart to cry
    Hang me high"
  • 28
    "Dance in the fields of coral
    Be blinded by the white
    Discover the deepest jungle"
  • 29
    "Who gave his life not for the world but for me
    Innocence reborn once more"
  • 30
    "A star falls down from the darkened sky
    Where new worlds born and die"
  • 31
    "All the mothers beneath the Earth and sky
    Hold their children’s hands for a while"
  • 32
    "Save yourself and let them suffer!"
  • 33
    "Landing safely to the blue lagoon
    Don't know if this is the Earth or the moon"
  • 34
    "We're drifting over icy
    Mountains floating by"
  • 35
    "Whatever walks in my heart will walk alone"
  • 36
    "Bedroom scent, beauty ardent,
    Distant shiver, heaven sent"
  • 37
    "They tell me to lie on the grass
    And observe my saviour"
  • 38
    "Mandylion without a face
    Deathwish without a prayer"
  • 39
    "My song is little worth anymore
    Time to lay this weary pen aside"
  • 40
    "The zodiac turns over me
    (Come to me)"
  • 41
    "In your creation heaven did decree
    that in your arms sweet death should dwell"
  • 42
    "The once and forever bloom
    gone with my sins"
  • 43
    "The spell to master this Earth
    Carven on an infant's tomb"
  • 44
    "I only wished to become something beautiful
    through my music, through my silent devotion"
  • 45
    "With a hungry choir of wolves
    An agreement immemorial to be born"
  • 46
    "In my world
    Love is for poets"
  • 47
    "Luojani, luoksesi anna
    minum tulla siksi miksi" *sing*
  • 48
    "Kiirii ilmassa huutoina kotkien
    Ikijärveltä turvatulta"
  • 49
    "Sailing on the distant seas from darkness to deliverance
    Tales like the ocean written to the Draco's glance"
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