Linkin Park

Achtung, dieser Test ist schwer!

 Frage 1:   What do I do to ignore them behind me...?
do I follow my instincts blindly?
why does it feel like night today?
why am I sop uptight today?

 Frage 2:   You take away when I give in...?
your life
my face
my life

 Frage 3:   I am...?
a little bit of disregard
a little unconfident
little bit of loneliness

 Frage 4:   Tension is building inside...?
out of me
no surprise

 Frage 5:   Call to you so clearly...?
but everyone ignores me
but you don't want to hear me
but nobody's listening

 Frage 6:   Get away from...?

 Frage 7:   Something has been taken...?
no one can ever see
from deep inside of me
they never go away

 Frage 8:   One minute you're on top...?
making your heart stop
missed your shot
the next you're not

 Frage 9:   I don't need you anymore...?
I don't need one more day
I don't want to ignored
I don't want to be ignored

 Frage 10:   It's true...?
the way I feel
was promised by your face
the sound of your voice

 Frage 11:   I've lied...?
to you
to me
to their

 Frage 12:   Und zum Schluss eine leichte Frage.It's like a face that I hold inside...?
a face watches every time I lie
a face that laughs every time I fall
a face that awakes when I close my eyes

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