The Calling Songtexte

Kennt auch ihr alle Texte in und auswendig? Ihr könnt ihr es testen.

 Frage 1:   "Of a better live in this world divided by fear we've gotta believe that there's a reason we're here..." stammt aus...
The One
Could it be any harder
Our lives

 Frage 2:   "There's a dark cloud over me and I can't shake it off, I can't make a move to save myself..." stammt aus...
When it all falls down
For you
Final answer

 Frage 3:   "Black smoke pours out your lips and I breath it in I breath you in my beautiful girl..." stammt aus...
We're forgiven
The One

 Frage 4:   "So lately, been wondering, who will be there to take my place when I'm gone...." stammt aus...
Wherever you will go
Could it be any harder
Things don't always turn out that way
Nothing's changed

 Frage 5:   "You know I'm still your lover boy I still feel the same way that's when she told me a story...." stammt aus...
Just that good
Keep your hands to yourself
Last night stand

 Frage 6:   "Too late tonight to drag the past out into the light we're one but we're not the same we get to..." stammt aus...
The One

 Frage 7:   "And slowly I begin to realize this is never gonna end right about the same time you walk by and I said ohh here we go again' oh..." ist aus...
For you
Our lives
Why don't you and I
Just that good

 Frage 8:   Vervollständige: "From every village town can you hear the sound...
...can you see the light through the door"
...Merry, merry, merry christmas"
...oh how they pound"
...Songs of good cheer"

 Frage 9:   Vervollständige: "Were you thinking of me...
...when you licked him"
...when you had sex with him"
...when you tasted him"
...when you kissed him"

 Frage 10:   Vervollständige:"Now we can both learn somehow, you'll see it's all we have...
...if we had this moment"
...I know this is all we've been wanting"
...I know now, just quite how", it keeps us together"

 Frage 11:   Was stammt aus Stigmatized?
"If I only could have it all"
"Even if I tried"
"Spent my money drove my car"
"We gotta life our lives"

 Frage 12:   Was ist aus Adrienne (demo)?
"gonna rock your world"
"and I know life ain't easy"
"treated you like a shining star"
"I'm only feeling half as good"

 Frage 13:   Was ist aus when it all falls down?
"and I'm waitin to know you"
"All this time will take its toll on me"
"Come around and see the other side"
"Nothing's fallin into place"

 Frage 14:   Für welchen Film haben The Calling keinen Song zum Soundtrack beigesteuert?
Tatsächlich Liebe
Nur noch 60 Sekunden
Sweet home Alabahma

 Frage 15:   Wie heißt das neue Album?
The Calling
Camino Palmero
Ales and Aarron

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