Linkin Park - Lyrics

Kennt ihr die Lieder von LP in- und auswendig? SICHER?

 Frage 1:   This lack of self-control I fear
is ending/ in the end
is real/ crawling
is never ending/ crawling

 Frage 2:   Forfeit the game
takes you out the frame/ from the inside
and cover up your faces/ papercut
before somebody else/ points of Authority

 Frage 3:   Can't you see
right in front of you/ faint
the sun goes down/ somewhere I belong
that you smothering me/ numb

 Frage 4:   I wanna heal
I wanna feel/ runaway
what I thought was never real/ somewhere I belong
I wanna feel/ somewhere I belong

 Frage 5:   In spite the way
you were acting like I was part of your property/ in the end
I'm surprised it got so far/ lying from you
you were mocking me/ in the end

 Frage 6:   It's so hard to be
left alone/ p5hng Me a*wy
what you want me to/ lying from you
like you/ numb

 Frage 7:   I remember what they taught to me
remember listening and all of that/ lying from you
so I pretended up person who was fitting in/ p5hng me a*wy
remember condescending talk/ lying from you

 Frage 8:   I need a little room
to sleep/ papercut
for me/ runaway
to breathe/ one step closer

 Frage 9:   I am a little bit insecure,
a little bit unconfident/ faint
cause you don't understand/ one step closer
a little unconfident/ faint

 Frage 10:   guilty by association
you point the finger at me again/ runaway
they point the finger at me again/ runaway
I wanna know the truth/ crawling

 Frage 11:   ... that pulls beneath the surface,
confusing/ crawling
controlling/ one step closer
consuming/ crawling

 Frage 12:   of walking
over you/ lying from you
in your shoes/ numb
away from you/ runaway

 Frage 13:   And I'd get lost
in the nothingless aside from me/ points of authority
in my feelings for you/ from the inside
in the nothingless/ somewhere I belong

 Frage 14:   Get back up on
my drugs/ papercut
your stuff/ points of authority
my feet/ from the inside

 Frage 15:   Und die allerletzte (damit die Masterfrage, da besonders schwer): everything has to end
we're outta time/ points of authority
everything falls apart/ papercut
you'll soon find/ points of authority

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