*Westlife Song-raten*

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 Frage 1:   Spend all your time waiting For that second chance ...
For a break that would make it OK
For someone to call my own
For you stepping into my life
For being true to you

 Frage 2:   When I call you at home and he answers the phone Or I get your machine ...
And you say silly things
And you laugh at me
And I can't talk to you
And I don't hear me

 Frage 3:   There's no one like you You speak to my heart ...
It feels so good
It's such a shame
It makes me sing
It drives me crazy

 Frage 4:   It's all in the way you look through your eyes And when all is said and done ...
All of the tears and all of the fights
All of the beers and all of the girls
All of the fear and all of the lies
All of the sobs and all of the cries

 Frage 5:   What makes her so right? ...
Is it the look in her eyes?
Is it the sound of her laugh?
Is it her smile?
Is it her money?

 Frage 6:   I've been trying to reach you 'Cause I've got something to say ...
But you're not listening to me
But you're not by my side
But you're just laughing at me
But you're talking about just nothing at all

 Frage 7:   You're waiting for a change You're waiting for the day ...
When all of your lies will be forgiven
When all your friends throw a party for you
When all of your fears are gone by
When all that you remember is with you once again

 Frage 8:   Now anyone who's felt the touch Of heaven in their lives ...
Will be sound and happy
Will know how god looks like
Will see the happy moments in their lives
Will know the way I'm feeling looking in my baby's eyes

 Frage 9:   And if I could choose the world around me The world to choose ...
Would be swimming in money
Would all be like mars
Would all revolve 'round you
Would all be full of joy and laughter

 Frage 10:   You say that you love me But baby sometimes, you're just saying the words If you've got something to tell me ...
Don't be afraid to tell me
Don't hide it from me
Don't tell any other than me
Don't keep it inside

 Frage 11:   To hold you in my arms To promise you my love To tell you from the heart ...
You're my one and only
You're all I'm thinking of
You're the best thing in my life
You're my imaginary diva

 Frage 12:   Then you wouldn't have to say That you love me ...
'Cause I wouldn't listen to you
'Cause I know that you love me
'Cause I'd already know
'Cause you'd already have said that

 Frage 13:   Somebody needs you Like never before Somebody wants your love ...
Baby guess who?
Baby open the door
Baby give it to him
Baby don't hide

 Frage 14:   This love is unbreakable It's unmistakable And each time I look in your eyes ...
I can't stand them
I love them more
I know you'll never leave me
I know why

 Frage 15:   How am I supposed to leave you now ...
When you're looking like that
When you're looking so fat
When you're looking so ugly
When you're looking like a pig

 Frage 16:   Maybe I was wrong about it Maybe you were right I was selfish and demanding ...
Never forving
Never by your side
Never satisfied
Never a good friend

 Frage 17:   You told me I should be strong Oh I'm trying I feel ...
I can't be
I can't be alone
I can't hold on
I can't go on

 Frage 18:   Build up your confidence So you can be on top for once Wake up who cares about ...
Little girls who are stinky
Little giggling girls
Little boys that sleep too less
Little boys that talk too much

 Frage 19:   It's the greatest gift of all Knowing that unconditionally ...
She'll cook you dinner
She'll help you stand up
She'll sing you lullabies
She'll catch you when you fall

 Frage 20:   Late last night I had a dream And it was then I seen her ...
She didn't want to kiss me
She didn't give me her number
She didn't fancy other guys than me
She didn't need no diamond rings

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