HIM-Lyrics Quiz

Dann Teste HIER dein Wissen!

 Frage 1:   Vervollständige folgende den folgenden text: " Love is a flame..."
"... trust is a word."
"... that could be shamed."
"... that will be right."
"... it si like light."
"...that can't be tamed."

 Frage 2:   Aus welchem Lied stammt die Zeile: " The faith the deepest In this world so cold and cruel."
Join me
Your sweet 666
Close to the flame
The Path

 Frage 3:   Wie geht es weiter? " In 666 ways I love you..."
".. but in a strange way I hate you."
"... And I hope you feel the same."
"...I'm for you and I'm dying for your love."
"... 'til my death do us apart."
"... forever and always."

 Frage 4:   "I'd never dreamed that I'd need somebody like you" stammt aus welchem Lied?
Wicked Game
Dark Sekret Love
In Joy And Sorrow
It's All Tears
Sweet Pandemonium

 Frage 5:   Vervollständige! "Is is so hard to belive our hearts..."
"...Are made to be brocken by love."
"... for this one last time."
"...So amazed how bright are the flames."
"...My darling won't you cherish."
"...Can't you see my darling."

 Frage 6:   " I taste it from yor lips and baby more I love you." sind Lyrics welches Liedes?
Love's Requim
The Sacrament
Razorblade Kiss
I Love You
Don't Fear The Reaper

 Frage 7:   Lyrics welche Liedes lauten: " a cold heart is a dead heart"
Funreral of hearts
The heartless
The beginning of the end
Buried alive by love
Rebel Yell

 Frage 8:   "She was the wind..." Vervollständige!
"...blowing so far the pain."
"...and was so lonely in this world."
"...was hating all the love in the world."
"...giving new life to you."
"...carrying in all the troubles"

 Frage 9:   " Because we're in love with you and we die on and on." stammt aus welchem Lied?
Our diabolikal rapture
Don't close your heart
Right here in my arms
I've crossed oceans of wine to find you

 Frage 10:   Vervollständige folgende Lyrics! "Words are very unnecessary..."
"...they can only do harm"
"...when they don't come from your lips."
"...wors are very trivial"
"...and forgettable."
"...plasure remain so she does pain."

 Frage 11:   " For a moment the world turns its back" stammt aus dem Lied...?
For you
Circle of fear
Soul of fire
The beginning of the end
Dark secret love

 Frage 12:   Und zu guter letzt, sag mir wie die Zeile weitergeht! " Don't have the strengh...
"...to carry your heavy load of life."
"...to carry your happy load of life."
"... to carry your beautiful load of life."
"...to carry your lovely load of life."
"...to carry your great load of life."

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