Linkin Park - Kennst du ihre Songtexte???

Hier kannst du testen, ob du LP's Songtexte WIRKLICH kennst!

Frage 1:Sometimes I....
Forget our memories
Don't know what stressed me first
Need to remember just to breathe
Remember when it started happening
Frage 2:I wanna shut the door....
And fell to the floor
And I'm counting down the time
And I'm about to break
And open up my mind
Frage 3:'Cause inside I realize....
You've become a part of me
I can never win
I take everything from the inside
That I'm the one confused
Frage 4:Sometimes I remember....
I just end up getting hurt again
I wanna be pushed aside
I hit you and you hit me back
The darkness of my past
Frage 5:I wanna run away....
And never say good-bye
And shut the door
The way I did before
You'll always be my fear
Frage 6:It's true the way I feel....
Even though you're close to me
The way I did before
I wanna be pushed aside
Was promised by your face
Frage 7:Get away from....
Frage 8:What do I do....
It's so much easier to go
When it all falls apart
With you
To ignore them behind me
Frage 9:The number one question is....
What do I have but negativity
The way I felt before
How could you ignore me
Can't you see that you're smothering me
Frage 10:I've lied to you....
To just end up getting hurt again
To ignore them behind me
To do everything you wanted to
The same way that I always do

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