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Buffy & Spike Zitate

Ihr seid echte B/S Shipper? Dann könnt ihr das hier unter Beweis stellen. Es kommen keine Fragen, sondern nur englische Originalzitate, die ihr vervollständigen müsst. Ich finde die Gespräche der Beiden immer genial. Also testet ob ihr genau zugehört habt.

Frage 1:Spike: Don't I get a cookie? Buffy: No. Spike: Well, I gotta have something...
...I haven't been eating for weeks.
...I mean I could also taste you of course.
...I still have Buffy taste in my mouth.

Frage 2:Spike: ...I've never been with such an animal. BUFFY: I'm not an animal.
SPIKE: Of course not.
SPIKE: Well in bed...
Spike: You wanna see the bite marks?

Frage 3:BUFFY:You think we're dancing?
SPIKE: That's all we've ever done.
SPIKE: Yeah, and it's always tango.
SPIKE: I don't think it. I know it.

Frage 4:BUFFY: What are you doing here? Five words or less.
SPIKE: I've... been... waiting... for... you.
SPIKE: Out... for... a... walk... bitch.
SPIKE: I'm... gonna... kill... you... now.

Frage 5:BUFFY: Uhh, you're bent.
SPIKE: Hey, remember you were the one who...
SPIKE: You wouldn't want it any other way.
SPIKE: Yeah, and it made you scream, didn't it?

Frage 6:BUFFY: You don't know what you mean! You don't know what feelings are! SPIKE: I damn well do! I lie awake every night!
BUFFY: Try sleeping drugs.
BUFFY: Well, no more blood after 10 o' clock
BUFFY: You sleep during the day!

Frage 7:Last night ... was the most perverse ... degrading experience of my life.
SPIKE: I'm sorry you feel so.
SPIKE: Yeah. Me too.
SPIKE: We could try it again.

Frage 8:Buffy: I should have thrown you out the second you got here. I was insane to think you could ever just hang out with my friends. SPIKE: And I was insane to think -
- we could ever be together.
- oh, wait. You were right, you're insane.
- a evening with you could be peaceful

Frage 9:INVISIBLE BUFFY: I'm free. Free of rules and reports ... free of this life.
SPIKE: Sounds great. I'd like to be this free too.
SPIKE: To free isn't good. I'll better cuff you.
SPIKE: Free of life? Got another name for that. Dead.

Frage 10:BUFFY: I have to do this. Just let me go SPIKE: I can't. I love you. BUFFY: No, you don't. SPIKE: You think I haven't tried not to?
BUFFY: Yeah, I think so.
BUFFY: Your surely have. As well as me.
BUFFY: Try harder.

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