Westlife-Quiz 2

Wie gut weißt du über die Songs von Westlife Bescheid??Ordne die Strophen zu und teste dein Wissen....

Frage 1:And I often wonder why, Someone as flawed as I....
Bad Girls
Angel`s Wings
Back At One
Frage 2:Open your eyes hear me now, It doesn't have to be this way...
I Cry
Don`t Get Me Wrong
Don`t Calm The Storm
Frage 3:That this new bond gives inspiration, To all who feel no love appeal no more, So how can I break this wall around you...
I Promise You That
Fragile Heart
I Lay My Love On You
I`ll Be There
Frage 4:You are the only one I ever need, Right from the start you were there, In my heart and my soul....
World of our own
Wonderful tonight
Let`s Make Tonight Special
If I Let You Go
Frage 5:How I wish I could take us back in time, But it's gone too far now we can't rewind..
I cry
If You Heart`s Not In It
Miss You
Frage 6:Mum said you should always aim high, Do it again with the glint in his eye.....
I Promise You That
My love
I wanna grow old with you
Where We Belong
Frage 7:People in the Streets crying cause she lost her life, all the spirits go finished up by the night
Crying Girl
Change the world
Frage 8:I was here, You were Here, Guess we never could agree, while the sun shines on you....
My Girl
One Last Cry
Bad Girls
Miss you
Frage 9:Tanned skin, Shaking on the beach playing innocence...
You make me feel
I`ll Be There
Bad Girls
Frage 10:Never told you for the kind, who would play up all my mind, Tell me what are you looking for, I can’t play your games anymore....
Fragile heart
We are one
Never Knew I Was Losing You
My Private Movie

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