Du denkst du wärst DER Eminem Fan?

Hier gibt es keine Baby-Fragen wie "Wie heißt Eminem in echt" "Wie heißt seine Tochter". Wenn ihr hier gut abschneidet könnt ihr euch zu den Besten zählen...

Frage 1:Wie heißt der erste Film in dem Eminem eine Rolle hatte?
8 Mile
The Wash
Vanilla Ice
Rap Battle
Frage 2:Aus welchem Lied stammt dieser Text? : "He's has a mean stare but usually crack's jokes.."
It's Ok
Say what you say
Frage 3:Mit welchen Tabletten wollte sich Eminem das erste Mal umbringen?
Er wollte sich nie mit Tabletten umbringen.
Frage 4:In welchem Laden arbeitete Eminem 1990 zum ersten Mal?
Shady's World
Gilbert's Lodge
Kelly's Bridge
Marvin's Restaurant
Nigga's Pub
Frage 5:Wo ist dieser Laden?
in Str. More Take
in Str. Jenny Folk
in Str. Clair Shorg
in Str. Marc Legde
in Str. Sarah Powl
Frage 6:Wie heißt seine Oma?
Betty Kresin
Sarah Briggs
Debbie Sags
Marian Powl
Jennifer Mathers
Frage 7:Welche Schule besuchte er 1986-1989?
Michigan Highschool
Lincoln Highschool
Kennedy Highschool
Bush Highschool
Clinton Highschool
Frage 8:Was war das erste Konzert zu dem er ging?
Dr Dre Special Concert in Warren
Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock and Linkin Park in Detroit
Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane and Queen Latifah in Detroit
Frage 9:Wessen Fan war er als er elf war?
Britney Spears
Christina Aguliera
Mariah Carey
Alanis Morissette
Frage 10:Was sagte Christina Aguilera bei den britischen Top of the Pops (5/2001) über Eminem?
He's disgusting and offensive. I don't know what I said to disturb him but whatever I said, I'd say it again!
He seems to me like a very angry man - I'd like to know why. Maybe it's a big old show. Who knows?
We met him at the Brits and he seemed like a lovely guy, but I was surprised by how small he was. I thought he'd be about six foot or something, but he was only a titch!
I can honestly say he's one of the nicest people I know. The real Eminem is kind and considerate, but only a few people see that side of him. Out on stage he appears to be one of the most confident people in the world, but really he's.
He's stirring things up, he's provoking a discussion, he's making people's blood boil. That is what art is supposed to do. Thank God he's rebellious and not well-groomed.

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