Wie gut kennt ihr die Westlife Songs?

Frage 1:Reaching for a love that seems so far.....
My love
Seasons in the sun
No No

Frage 2:Even if you took my heart, and tore it apart.....
Story of love
My Girl

Frage 3:Will I ever see you smiling back at me.....
If I let you go
Miss you nights
Swear it again

Frage 4:Tomorrow morning I have to leave, not forever, but maybe.......
World of our own
Wonderful tonight
To be loved
Close your eyes

Frage 5:But maybe don`t leave me now all alone in the dark.....
I cry
Don`t calm the storm
gibs den songtext überhaupt???

Frage 6:You hold the words that being so much...
Story of love
hmm....fällt mir gerade nicht ein!
My love
I wanna grow old with you

Frage 7:So I give her the car-key....
Wonderful tonight
Change the world

Frage 8:As we pass each day...
Nothing is impossible
My Girl
bitte den 50:50 joker!
Miss you

Frage 9:Que tonto fui porque tu fuiste mia y te deje escapar
En Ti Dejé Amor
You make me feel
Con Lo Bien Que Te Ves
kann kein spanisch sein.....oder?

Frage 10:I'm no longer blind no longer hollow
Fragile heart
We are one
Crying Girl
Tunnel of love

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