Wie gut kennst du die Songtexte der angesagtesten Hits? Ich nenne euch eine Zeile aus dem Song und ihr müsst wissen, wie er heißt und von wem er kommt!

Frage 1:Aus welchem Song und von welcher Band kommt diese Textzeile? "No one on earth could feel like this. I am Thrown and overblown with bliss."
Heaven must be missing an angel - Bro'sis
All or nothing - O-Town
Viva forever - Spice Girls
Sunshine - Pierre
Must be talking to an angel - No Angels
Frage 2:Und woher kommt das? "I wanna go all night, ain't no stopping to the breaking of the dawn, I wanna go inside every corner, do you really turn me on."
Queen of my heart - Westlife
All i have to give - Backstreetboys
All rise - Blue
We fit together - O-Town
Gone - N*SYNC
Frage 3:Wenn ihr das wisst, seid ihr ziemlich gut! "I play my part and you play your game."
Lay your hands on me - Bon Jovi
Lie to me - Bon Jovi
You give love a bad name - Bon Jovi
Bed of roses - Bon Jovi
One wild night - Bon Jovi
Frage 4:Hier kommt etwas aus einer Ballade: "And in my heart there'll allways be a place for you, for all my life."
My heart will go on - Celine Dion
Unbreak my heart - Toni Braxton
There you'll be - Faith Hill
Everywhere I go - Janet Jackson
Hero - Mariah Carry
Frage 5:Das ist eine Zeile aus einem meiner Lieblingssongs: "So lately, been wondering who will be there to take my place..."
Hot in here - Nelly
Blurry - Puddle of mudd
Youth of the nation - P.O.D.
Wherever you will go - The Calling
Frage 6:Woher könnte dieser Ausschnitt kommen? "Does she know how much I Love her, did I try in every way, to show her every day, she is my only one"
No matter what - Boyzone
If tomorrow never come's - Ronan Keeting
For tomorrow - Blur
Gone tomorrow - The Bates
Frage 7:Und dieser Ausschnitt? "I see you in heaven, one day."
Strangers in the night
Because the night
Moonlight shadow
Total eclipse of the heart
Frage 8:"Everybody's waiting for me to arrive, sending out the message to all of my friends..."
Get the party started - P!nk
Just like a pill - P!nk
Don't let me get me - P!nk
Frage 9:Hier mal was deutsches: "Im Sturz durch Raum und Zeit, Richtung Unendlichkeit..."
99 Luftballons - Nena
Auf der Flucht - Falco
Der kommisar - Falco
Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann - Nena
Frage 10:"I prayed for someone like you,and I thank God, that I, that I finally found you..."
Crazy - K Ci & Jojo
Broken wings - Tupac
Changes - Tupac
All my life - K Ci & Jojo
Frage 11:Gleich hast du es geschafft: "She never told me why she left me, but the letter said goodbye..."
Jealousy - Bee Gees
Nightfever - B3
Crazy for your love - Bee Gees
I.O.I.O - B3
Frage 12:Hier kommt die letzte Frage: "I come to your doore, to see you again, but where you once stood, was an old man instead."
Babe - Take That
Back for good - Take That
I give - Take 5
Perfect sense - Take 5

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