Die Originaldialoge von LOST - Teste Dich

Wie gut kennst du die englischen Folgen wirklich? Hier findet ihr englische Dialoge aus allen Folgen der gesamten ersten Staffel! Vorsicht SPOILER!

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    Okay, zu Anfang mal was leichtes:

    -Excuse me? Did you ever use a needle?
    -Did you ever patch a pair of jeans?
    -I? I made the drapes in my apartment.
    -That's fantastic. Listen. Do you have a second? I could use a little help here.
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    Okay, next one:

    Locke: Don't move.
    Charlie: Look, I was just going to take-
    Locke: Do not move.
    Jack [walking up behind them with Kate]: What's going on?
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    mal wieder was einfaches? Okay...

    ...: Gotcha.
    ..: Get off of me.
    ...: Golly, I hate to bicker about positions, sweetheart. But I think you're the one on top. Maybe you're not here for the case at all.
    ...: Ow, woman. If you wanted to play rough, all you had to do was say so. You want to try for it again?

    Ihr habt's sicher schon gemerkt: Damit's nicht zu leicht wird, lass ich bei besonders bekannten Stellen auch noch die Personen weg
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    Okay, that's a hard one:

    Michael: I turned it on a little while ago.

    Sawyer: Sayid said every hour.

    Michael: We're 15 miles out. We could be here for weeks. If that battery runs out. . .

    Sawyer: The man said every hour.
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    Okay, next one:

    Hurley: That's cool, except, how come you're not coming back with any? We haven't had fresh pork on a plate in about a week, dude.

    Boone: It's not like they're domesticated animals.

    Hurley: Maybe you guys aren't trying hard enough?
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    Okay, noch alles klar?

    S: Have you got it or what?
    S: You're in my light, sticks.
    S: Lightsticks? What the hell is that?
    S: Light, comma, sticks. As in those legs of yours.
    S: Look, while I really love my new nickname, and I think it's really sweet. . .
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    Diesmal nur ein Satz:

    Kate: So we lie.
  • 8
    Seid ihr noch da?

    ...: Looking for someone or just admiring the view

    ..: It? s been two days since Sayid took off on his own I keep looking up thinking I? m gonna see him coming back
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    Okay, einer meine Lieblingsdialoge:

    S: So what is it about that guy? Jack. What is it about him that makes you all? weak in the loins.
    K: Do you try to be a pig or does it come natural to you?
    S: It's that he's a doctor, right? Yeah, ladies dig the doctors. Hell, give me a couple of band-aids, a bottle of peroxide, I could run this island too.
    K: You're actually comparing yourself to Jack.
    S: The difference between us ain't that big, sweetheart. I guarantee you if he had survived a few more weeks on this island, you would have figured that out.
    K: What did you just say?
    S: Ah, damn. Didn't I tell you? Word from the valley is Saint Jack got himself buried in a cave-in.
    K: What!
    S: Look at the bright side. Now you have someone else to pity.
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    And, last but not least

    K: Hi. I'm expecting a letter - hold for guest arrival.

    S: Sure, what's your name?

    K: Joan Hart.

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