Twenty One Pilots Songtexte

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Hier musst du erraten, aus welchem Song die folgenden Texte sind.

  • 1
    "You were one of those classic ones, I wish she knew you..."
  • 2
    "I crumble underneath the weight, Pressures of a new Place roll my way..."
  • 3
    "I´ll keep on trying, Might as well..."
  • 4
    "For you, I´d go, Step to a dude much bigger than me..."
  • 5
    "Nice to know my kind will be on my side..."
  • 6
    "When I leave dont save my seat, I´ll be back when its all complete..."
  • 7
    "We´re surrounded and we´re hounded..."
  • 8
    "They know that it´s almost over..."
  • 9
    "I´m heavy, my jumpsuite is on steady..."
  • 10
    "I´ll grab my light and go with you..."
  • 11
    "And everyone´s asleep, mind you, Now show up..."
  • 12
    "...try to call for my bones..."
  • 13
    "I could take the high road, but i know that i´m going low..."
  • 14
    "No, I move slow, I want to stop time..."

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