The Vamps Lyrics Quiz

Du liebst die Vamps genau so wie ich... aber bist du dir auch bei den Lyrics sicher?

  • 1
    You just know
    Sometimes you feel it in your bones
    Though I've heard
  • 2
    Give me the eye like Rihanna
    I wanna put her on camera
  • 3
    Do it all again
    Wake up in the morning
    With the sunlight in my eyes,
  • 4
    So I try and drink my emotions 'Til I can't feel my heart
  • 5
    Call me a thief, girl if you want
    But piece by piece
  • 6
    Feels like I've been standing right here for years
  • 7
    Though I stopped calling you
    And I stopped taking your messages
  • 8
    Open your eyes and you will see
    All of the other situations
  • 9
    just thought you should know what he is capable of
  • 10
    (so Fast Geschaft)She don't wanna say
    Why she's gone away
    But she's on replay

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