Sunrise Avenue - Song Quiz

Du denkst, du kannst die Lyrics von Sunrise Avenue in- und auswendig und kannst sie den Namen der Songs zuordnen? Dann probier es hier!

  • 1
    We can't cry the pain away
    We can't find a need to stay
    I slowly realized there's...
  • 2
    Sometimes the night is cold
    There are times we hurt inside
    Sometimes the goal seems too far away...
  • 3
    Why am I fighting the angels?
    Where do they want to take me?
    Why is it so hard...
  • 4
    They all look the same through a dirty window
    Another one down
    Another miss town
    I'm moving but I'm standing still
    And I'm going nowhere...
  • 5
    High Heels fit your confidence on the dancefloor
    they all sit and eat you with their eyes, yeah
    you think you are to good for anyone
    I can do...
  • 6
    You help me wash away
    The insane mistakes I made
    And I see it in your face
    My only source of grace...
  • 7
    So won't you come and get your ghost?
    Your memory haunts me
    I'm living on the...
  • 8
    Hold on, you can't let go now
    This is your time
    Hold the line...
  • 9
    This is not really me
    You're an angel not asking who I am
  • 10
    You were mine and I was yours for one night
    You were mine and there is no one who's like me
    These screams, they wake me up in the night
    They violently fill my room, they keep me awake, I hate you....

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