Simple Plan Songtexte Quiz - Teste Dich

Kennst du alle Lieder der neuen Smple Plan CD "Simple Plan"? Dann beweise es!

  • 1
    Bei diesen Fragen setzt ihr einfach die richtigen Wörter ein. Gut, fangen wir an: "Sometimes I wish I could_____. And there's so many things that I want you to_____"
  • 2
    "Don't, don't let me____it's not_____ whoaa"
  • 3
    "Take my____tonight. Let's not think about tomorrow. Take my____ tonight, we can find some place to go. cause our hearts are locked forever
    And our____ will never die. Take my___ tonight one last time."
  • 4
    "There's only____
    There's only____
    There's only____
    There is no love here
    So what will you do?"
  • 5
    "Whenever I____
    Wherever I____.
    I know where to____.
    It keeps me holding on."
  • 6
    "There’s a million things I____about you!"
  • 7
    "But you always found a way to let me down
    It's time to____"
  • 8
    "What if I____
    If I ____
    What if I____
    that takes the blame
    What if I can't go on without you
    What if I____
    What if I don't
    What if I don't"
  • 9
    "Your love is just a____"
  • 10
    No we're not gonna waste another moment in this____"

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