GC Songtextetest

Ihr glaubt, ihr kennt die Songtexte von Good Charlotte? Testet euch!

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    Ok...aus welchem Lied stammt folgende Textstelle... "my mother warned me against girls like you"
  • 2
    "when I'm getting divorced a white suit"
  • 3
    "You left us one little room with a black and white TV"
  • 4
    "here I am once again with my back against the wall"
  • 5
    "standing in a crowded room but I could only see you"
  • 6
    "all I've got are these two hands to make myself a better man"
  • 7
    "I wanna know the meaning of a Christmas list"
  • 8
    Someday he'll wish that he made things right"
  • 9
    "I've been stranded here and I'm miles away"
  • 10
    Und jetzt mal was anderes...(bisschen): )... diese Textstelle steht im Songtext, der der CD beiliegt, wird aber nicht mitgesungen...: "six dollers in your pocket, one's a secret stash, threes for alcohol and twos for cigarettes"...welcher Song ist das?

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