Metal Lyrics Quiz - Die Wiederkehr des Bösen

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  • 1
    And history shows what men can do - For women they love - they can even start a war - We act, we live by this longing for love for girls like you - so...
  • 2
    Oh spiritus, oh sanctus - Adoramus domine - Te deum laudamus - In memoriam, gloriam
  • 3
    Let go! Of the stars, the stars that fell into the sea - let go! Of your thoughts and dreams, - what can you see now
  • 4
    " " (kein Text)
  • 5
    Proud and so glorious standing before of us - Our swords will shine bright in the sky - When united we come to the land of the sun - With the heart of a dragon we ride
  • 6
    Suddenly (oh) it seemed so clear - All the blindness was taken away - She closed her eyes and she called out my name - She was never ever never ever seen again
  • 7
    So ging es über viele Jahre, - in mir der Sturm schon schmerzhaft tobt, - schließ dich im Traum in meine Arme, - während ich dir Treue gelob'
  • 8
    From green to red our days pass by - Waiting for a sign to tell us why - Are we dancing all alone?
  • 9
    This old man runs through the woods
  • 10
    We all live in happiness our life is full of joy - We say the world "tomorrow" without fear - The feeling of togetherness is always at our side - We love our life and we know we will stay
  • 11
    Everybody, everybody, everybody livin' now. - Everybody, everybody, everybody fucks. - Everybody, everybody, everybody livin' now. - Everybody, everybody, everybody sucks.
  • 12
    The death star is near - But the rebels have no fear - The dark side of the force - They'll never join
  • 13
    Take it all or lose it at once. - Taste it all - it can be your last chance. - If you got the wings - so why don't you fly?
  • 14
    I'm sick... tired of this abuse - I've played the fool for many years - Escape... shelter me from harm
  • 15
    Here I am, no more thoughts. Living inside of ruins - Nowadays I listen to my lord. Master of all creation - The one who said, the one who rules the world - No more things to say, this story never said
  • 16
    With heavy hearts we head, on towards the end - I’ve done all I can, never will I bend - Battle clad we ride, over barren land - Nothing matters on the battlefield we stand
  • 17
    But in my sorrow I need to see - beatiful sunsets, precious to thee - and in my travels when they're too long - I'm just pay worship with this sweet song
  • 18
    You know just who I am - Don't be so distant
    cause when you're lost - I am solely there to share your grief
  • 19
    Lost in endless night - take me there, where I see you again - Reach out for the light
    when will I break my pain
  • 20
    I was heading for the mountains - I had saved so much for you - And in the town I left behind me - There was nothing left to do.

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