Songtexte von Justin Bieber - Teste Dich

Finde heraus, wie gut du bei den Liedern von Justin Bieber auf den Text achtest, oder ob du vielleicht doch manchmal etwas anderes verstehst, als er wirklich singt.

  • 1
    And I was like Baby Baby Baby, oh
    Like Baby Baby Baby, no
    Like Baby Baby Baby, oh ...
  • 2
    Chilling by the fire while we eatin' fondue
    I ain't know about me but I know about you ...
  • 3
    I never thought that I could walk through fire
    I never thought that I could thake the burn
    I never had the strength to take it higher ...
  • 4
    Feeling like I'm breathing my last breath
    Feeling like I'm walking my last steps
    Look at all of these tears I've wept ...
  • 5
    Cause if you like the way you look that much
    Oh, Baby, you should go and love yourself
    And if you think that I'm still holdin' on ...
  • 6
    Love me, love me
    Say that you love me ...
  • 7
    You're so indecisive, what I'm saying
    Tryna catch the beat, make up your heart
    Don't know if you're happy or complaining ...
  • 8
    I just need somebody to love
    I-I I don't Need too much
    Just somebody to love ...
  • 9
    Everybody's laughing in my mind
    Rumors spreadin' about this other guy
    Do you do what you did when you did...
  • 10
    Everything starts from somethinng
    But something would be nothing
    Nothing if your heart didn't dream with me ...

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