Giant Rooks Lyrics Quiz - Teste Dich

Hallo und herzlich willkommen zu diesem Quiz. Im Folgenden werde ich dir Textausschnitte aus Songs der Giant Rooks nennen und du darfst dann entscheiden, zu welchem Song dieser jeweils gehört.
Viel Spaß!

  • 1
    "What does an old picture tell?
    I thought I’ve always stayed the same..."
  • 2
    "From a distance
    I see myself existing
    pretend to feel your undertow..."
  • 3
    "I'm gonna feel it in the sun and I'm gonna see it
    When my spirits are on the run..."
  • 4
    "It was a Wednesday afternoon that I found out
    'Bout your stairway to the clouds..."
  • 5
    "At times I swim till I shiver
    We deny, we deny to push it on..."
  • 6
    "In the end when I look back I think I'll say
    It was worth a try..."
  • 7
    "Got many letters yet.
    Flames in every word I read..."
  • 8
    "I cannot deal with my indistinct fears.
    Don't you know where to hide us?"
  • 9
    "We try it."
  • 10
    "Hey man, I've washed my face, I've kept my costume clean.
    Oh, I'm not a part of the scene..."

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